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Our Mission

The mission of The Charles Group, LLC is to provide top-quality government relations consulting expertise to help our clients achieve ambitious goals in Washington, DC.

The Charles Group, LLC is a public-spirited strategy consulting firm that delivers top-quality government relations services based on experience and deep knowledge of government processes. We empower our clients and educate policy makers. We are unabashedly dedicated to promoting outcomes that positively affect America’s common national agenda – from homeland security and law enforcement to education and health care. We combine high energy and high integrity to produce measurable results for our clients, and we love doing it.

Our Commitment to Winning

We believe in scoring victories for our clients. But we also believe in win-win outcomes, hard work, integrity as a first principle, and energy as the deciding factor in close contests. Above all, we strive to exceed client expectations. Results are the measure of success, not creeping billable hours, not checks in boxes, not numbers of clients.

We are your Washington office if you are from outside Washington. If you already have a presence in Washington, we add valuable expertise to strengthen your efforts and enable you to take advantage of new policy, regulatory, or contracting opportunities.

We are not a law firm, though with two experienced lawyers on staff, we can provide analytical tools that help our clients gain deeper perspectives on the issues. We are not exclusively policy advisers, though we have done in-depth studies and policy analyses for the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences, various agencies of the Federal Government, leading non-profits and innovative companies.

We are not exclusively lobbyists, though we are registered, well-regarded and dedicated to access when needed. We strive to deliver more than we promise and consider growing relationships with our clients to be paramount to our success and theirs. We are a team that looks for long-term relationships, and builds on each past victory with a new one.

Our clients need accurate information in a timely way to make good business decisions. And having served in government, we also understand that Washington’s top decision-makers need the same thing – this is how The Process works. We are dedicated to helping both ends get the best information, in a timely way, for the good of all. This dedication has helped us win for our clients since our founding in 1999.


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