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Case Studies

We love to help our clients achieve their objectives, and we are proud of our accomplishments. Here are a few examples:

  • Developed in-depth set of policy analyses, trend and data evaluations, nationwide surveys and strategic assessments on emerging transnational threats including drug-related and terrorism-related challenges for specific clients.
  • Facilitated the creation and maintenance of a strategy and process for creating a senior executive level working group that significantly enhanced program coordination, collaboration and achievement of interagency objectives at the federal level.
  • Created in-depth market evaluations and reports for specific clients in national security technology, law enforcement technology, counter-narcotics, environmental sciences and intelligence for the multi-billion-dollar federal market across nearly 100 federal agencies.
  • Organized and helped manage national coalition of major associations and advocacy organizations to jointly educate Congress on importance of major Justice Department state and local law enforcement assistance program, leading to a significant funding increases and a one-time injection of $2 billion through the Economic Recovery Act of 2009.
  • Identified new counter-terrorism opportunities at Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Justice and State, leading in one instance to a full-scale bid and win by a 40-member corporate team for a multi-billion-dollar, five-year federal program.
  • Prepared client leadership and arranged dozens of high-level meetings for public-spirited private sector and non-profit clients in key offices of both Administration and Congress, producing new communication, technology exploration, information flow, legislative change, and contracting opportunities.
  • Created major, policy-changing, nationwide online surveys and reports to support public and private sector programs and evaluations, offering new, highly visual data to validate program investment and outcomes.
  • Successfully fought on the merits for inclusion of legislative language in authorization bill that improved and enhanced role of client in a major federal program.
  • Helped secure more than $12 million for one state’s counter-narcotics enforcement initiative.
  • Helped secure merit-based program review and hundreds of thousands of dollars for client’s innovative, statewide drug prevention education and treatment pilot program.
  • Helped secure merit-based review and a quarter million dollars in direct appropriations for an innovative in-school character education program.
  • Conducted in-depth research and major studies for wide-ranging program development, strategic planning, implementation planning, performance measurement and resource justification – including studies for major scientific, economic, government and corporate groups.
  • Helped secure critical policy action by Administration leaders, including for example creation of a path-breaking reimbursement rate from a federal health agency for one product, resulting in improvement of women’s healthcare and significant revenue increases for the client, review of a homeland security approach to a major policy area, senior-level consideration of multi-million-dollar program priorities for the FY08 federal budget submitted to Congress in February 2007 by the President, direct inputs to the Office of Management and Budget about the accountability and outcomes of key program priorities in 2007.
  • Managed an effort to introduce an emerging technology company to key contacts and program offices across the federal government, and assisted company executives with development of a federal marketing strategy, leading to full-scale demonstrations and opportunities to shape the development of requirements for federal agency procurement plans.

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